Tōku Whare Kōhanga Reo is a brand new renovation series with a difference bringing
communities together to give some much needed love to tired and run-down Kōhanga Reo
centres across Aotearoa!

There is no profit to be made, the benefit of this series is communities coming together to
build a future for our tamariki. Kōhanga Reo are typically te reo Māori immersion early
childhood education centres started to support the revitalisation of the language and tikanga.

In this series Kōhanga across New Zealand in dire need of help have been chosen for a long
overdue upgrade. Whether it’s a new playground because the current one is a major safety
hazard or toilets that are falling apart, Tōku Whare Kōhanga Reo has the resources, drive
and skilled labour to make a difference!

Each Kōhanga is unique, rich with characters, stories and history. There are many unsung
heroes and untold histories that promote, the value of culture, te reo and community.

Watch Tōku Whare Kōhanga Reo Wednesdays from March 11, 8.30pm on Māori Television
and online at maoritelevision.com.

Alongside Dame Tariana Turia, Daniel is the co-chair of Kōhanga Reo National Trust Board. 
Daniel is a product of kōhanga himself and also was on set pitching in with the DIY in his rohe Te Tai Rāwhiti.  
Kōhanga Reo National Trust have been very involved with the whole project and series. They were the ones to select specifically which Kōhanga received upgrades and Daniel would be able to speak more to this and other examples where whānau are moving back to their ancestral land and strengthening/growing their kōhanga reo.