The Events Network Trust among those helping homeless

Homelessness has long been an issue in Whakatane and The Events Network Trust (TENT) is one of the many community organisations working to alleviate it.

TENT founder Jennifer Manning is the executive officer for a homelessness steering committee set up earlier this year. The committee has helped establish a drop-in centre that offers breakfast for homeless people and, with winter nearly upon us, is currently raising money to buy hats for those in need.

A donation box has been set up at Mata Brewery and Tasting Room on Gateway Drive, and Jennifer has been helping promote the fundraising drive through TENT’s networks.

“We’re hoping to raise $150 by June 1 – the first day of winter,” she says.

The government has just announced a $100m package for homelessness. While Jennifer says it’s great the government now recognises homelessness as a major issue, there are still a lot of people sleeping rough in Whakatane township right now, and that number is growing.

“We’re looking at other ways we can encourage people to donate,” she says.

One of those other ways is a token-based system that will allow homeless people to do laundry. “Its

a small but vital need we are trying to fill with the support of the community.” TENT is

working with local laundry facility providers to develop this concept further. More information will

be provided in the coming months.


For more information contact: 

Jennifer Manning, general manager

The Events Network Trust

Phone: 027 304 6347



Justine McLeary, director

McLeary Media

Phone: 022 402 3526



Additional notes

The Events Network Trust is a registered charitable trust that provides support to Eastern

Bay of Plenty community organisations, groups and volunteers. Established in August 2015, it aims to develop strategic partnerships with non-profit organisations that will support community wellbeing, support the growth and sustainability of the social sector, work with the corporate sector to encourage corporate caring and build a co-operative atmosphere that will provide opportunities for growth, wellbeing and vibrancy in the Eastern Bay of Plenty