On the 4th of October Te Whakatōhea will hold the 150th Commemoration of the siege of Te Tarata pā that took place on the Kiorekino plains at Waioeka in Opotiki in 1865.

More than 12 iwi are due to attend the commemorations and more than 300 haka performers across the region will take part in haka planned for the day.

“This will be the first time that Whakatōhea have held such a significant event so we are excited to be able to commemorate the battle and educate our whānau about the history that unfolded in Te Whakatohea in the 1865 that resulted in the raupatu of all our lands.” says Te Tarata Committee chairperson Te Rua Rakuraku. (From Scoop)

“Whakatōhea is now on a committed path to uncovering the consequences of this unjust legislation. The commemorations is a significant first step in the process and also in the pre-settlement stages for our Iwi.” says Ngati Ira hapu member, Te Ringahuia Hata. (From Scoop)

The commemorations will begin on Sunday 4th October at 4am at Kioreroa (Pākōwhai), Memorial Park then at Ōrongoiti, (Pile Rd) with karakia by Ministers of the Ringatū church to unveil the pou carvings and significant memorials.

The first pōhiri for the Kiingitanga, the motu and general public will take place at 10am at Ohui, also known as the Waioweka Domain on the corner of Terere Pa Road.

At 12pm, Ministers of Parliament and representatives of the government will be welcomed on in a mass pōhiri and haka with the participation of over 300 haka performers from all across the region.

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Photo Credits: Te Tarata Website