As part of New Zealand music month, TumekeFM are celebrating musicians throughout Aotearoa. Right now we take a look into the life of a legend…. Prince Tui Teka.

Teka was born in Ruatahuna, New Zealand near Te Urewera. His parents were both musicians, and he learnt to play guitar and saxophone at a young age. He moved to Sydney in the early 1950s. In 1959, Teka, Jonny Nicol, and Mat Tenana joined the Royal Samoans and Maoris. The band was later renamed Prince Tui Latui & The Maori Troubadours. In 1968 he joined Maori Volcanics Showband, touring the Pacific for six years. In 1972 he began his solo career, and returned home releasing two albums; Real Love and Oh Mum, as well as the Māori love song E Ipo. In 1974 he met with Noel Tio; both Tui and Noel had known each other since 1958, so Noel Tio Enterprises Pty Ltd. became his Australian (only) manager for 11 years. Before his death in 1985, he was in the West German TV series Jack Holborn and starred in New Zealand films Came a Hot Friday and Nate and Hayes.

Teka died in early 1985 of a heart attack in his room while waiting to perform at the Ruawai Tavern in Northland, and was survived by his wife Missy and daughters Davinia and Missy Jr. Missy died in 2008 as a result of a motor vehicle accident.