This week Taiarahia Black spoke about natural water being a taonga of the iwi Maori in the Treaty of Waitangi. Despite this, he discusses the nature in which he believes it is being exploited by an overseas company, who he thinks should be paying pittance for privilege taking our water especially from the Tarawera Aquifer.

Bill English has an Advisory Group to investigate whether charging companies for taking our natural spring water. If it does charge companies then Maori may also apply for a percentage as they did with fisheries.

Professor Taiarahia Black used his amazing memory powers quoting Maori proverbs and also karakia from the Maori Tohunga Te Makarini on the mauri of Maori sources sit in the Maori World view.

He also touched on Hikoi Te Hauora which is a 10 week challenge for tutors of Awanuiarangi.

Listen to the audio below for yourself to hear the clarity of speech in the Maori language and his beautiful explanations: