This week, Wiremu was joined by Taiarahia Black and Reuben Collier. The pair discussed topics and themes required by a Student within a PHD researc.

Reuben Collier and Hauiti Hakopa are kairangi tauira with Ahorangi Taiarahia Black.

Wiremu posed the question to Tai and Reuben whether or not we using atua maori in our everyday lives or whether it is diminishing in Pakeha circumstances.

Reuben reminded us that we are atua in our own right. Our whakapapa is both ira tangata and ira atua. The purpose to the question is to keep atua Maori alive in our mokopuna by using their names in everyday conversation.

Wiremu used two examples of his 5 year old great grandson about talking to God which the boy suggested his tipuna would be talking to Tawhirimatea.

His perception of his environment was to the fore also as the boy told his grandfather that Puatauaki had a cloud potae and rain was on its way. Such is the aspect of Rangahau – Quest for Life or research for well-being.

Listen to the clip below: