This week, Tai explained the concept of our programme dealing with Rangahau in the Maori world view, to Kingi Taurua.

He used the patere composed by Te Kapo o Te Rangi as he sat at the entrance to the Ohiwa harbour. In the words ” E noho ana au i te koko ki Ohiwa kia whakarongo rua ki nga tai”, Tai clarifies whakarongo rua i – take notice of everything that transpires as the tide recedes while mother earth and the moon align themselves during 12 hours and again when the tide is high.

Rangahau, or research, has the same connotations as this whakaaro – to take note and record every detail of your learning processes as did our ancestors – hence the legacy or taonga tuku iho left behind for the descendants to follow in the footsteps of yesteryear in the quest of life.

Listen for more below: