This week on Te Reo Rangahau, Taiarahia spoke about preserving and recording Maori topics by written format by native speakers of the Maori language.

The result is chosen topics from those particular writers during stages of paerua and kairangi for three books edited by Taiarahia Black and Agnes MacFarland.

The books three books already published are; ‘Ka Hoki Taua ki Te Whare Huri Ai E’ – ‘Toitu Te Whare’ and ‘Te Mauri o Te Whare’. Taiarahia intimated that a series of books will eventually be published – a book for each year up until 2023.

Taiarahia gets his inspiration for writings from children and mokopuna. He said when he looks at a mokopuna face hence the title KANOHI MOKOPUNA – he sees as the next generation of readers of these books written in the native language of Aotearoa in futures years ahead.

His advice to parents and grown ups-see the mokopuna as a future repository of Maori stories, customs, tikanga and kawa. Do not abuse them -teach them matauranga Maori that the taonga tuku iho of our ancestors are not lost.

Listen to the full interview below: