For families already affected in Edgecumbe:

  • The Matahina Dam has been lowered to its lowest ever operational level
  • There are 17 pumps along the Rangitaiki River running 24 hours a day to remove water from already flooded areas
  • Stop bank breaches at Edgecumbe have been closed and secured and the Rewatu Road breach on the Whakatāne River has been repaired
  • At this stage all Whakatāne River stop banks are secure, with ongoing monitoring being undertaken
  • Council will continue to inspect buildings with the aim of getting families back into their homes as soon as possible
  • All initial building inspections are expected to be completed this afternoon – depending on weather and access
  • Zone 1 and 2 residents that have been able to reoccupy their homes are advised to be prepared to leave if another flooding event takes place
  • Zone 3 and 4 residents with assisted access will continue to be able to visit their homes while the weather remains stable. They are advised to collect their pets when accessing their property
  • If there is a need for further evacuations, warnings will be issues as soon as possible. Fire sirens will be activated and emergency services personnel will be driving around with sirens on.


If members of the public require sandbags, free sandbags are available from Tracks Concrete, 19 Arawa Road, Whakatane, or by calling 07 307 0581.