He Hītori

For over 20 years, “The Rangitaiki Festival” has been a pinnacle in the promotion and development of kapa haka and Māori traditional performing arts for primary school students and their families in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. The festival has provided an avenue for which primary school students can practice and celebrate the art of kapa haka and also provide an opportunity to learn Māori traditional knowledge through waiata, kōrero and haka. However, the festival as we know it today originated from a much older celebration that began as far back as the 1960’s, when the old people between Rangitāiki and Tūhoe would bring their young people to visit each other’s marae and hold mini-performances. The marae included Kōkōhinau on the Rangitāiki, Waikirikiri and Ngahina at Ruātoki. The people at the time had a singular focus, to maintain and promote kapa haka among the younger generation so that it might be carried through upcoming years. When these competitions ceased, a trophy that they competed for was transferred to what we know now as The Rangitāiki. These competitions however old have remained a tradition, attracting and generating huge support throughout the region. It is now the pathway of entry to the Primary School National Kapa Haka competitions for this area, and is still celebrated hugely throughout our primary school sector which celebrates our culture and most importantly, allows our children to carry on traditions of their tipuna and enjoy it in the process❤️❤️❤️ with this in mind let’s remember that this kaupapa is about allowing our babies young and old to shine with the wairua that is within them, that will no doubt be felt on the stage at this year’s 2018 Rangitaiki Kapahaka Festival❤️❤️❤️ See you there😊