The surge (koko) of knowledge, experience and scholarship
Wednesday 21 October 2015

The reo research discussions by Matua Wiremu-Huta Martin and Professor Taiarahia Black recorded in the Tumeke FM reo irirangi studio Wednesday 21 October weaved lines 1-4 of the pātere (chant) Te koko ki Ōhiwa to emphasis the nature of living oral history connected to research and descriptive, relevant interpretations connected to the celebration of Ngāti Awa Te Toki hosted this Friday-Sunday 23-25 October. The informative discussions dedicated numerous explanations to celebrate Ngāti Awa Te Toki to advance the multiple pathways of knowledge committed to the lines 1-4 of the pātere (chant) Te koko ki Ōhiwa. It reinforces the perspective of last week 15 October when Professor Black made the point. “Our oral living history creates a personality of words and expressions; “we want our reo research forums of living oral history to reflect our marae-tikanga academies, the kōrero is instinctive and essential, addressing directly the people’s oral and written literature that has immediate impact”.

Our history was, and still is in the telling, built around whānau, hapū and iwi intellectual foundations, demonstrated over successive generations by Ngāti Awa Te Toki celebration launched this Friday 23-25 October 2015. It is these inspirational, Ngāti Awa Te Toki historical narratives that will complement and bring new innovative nuances to support Mātaatua Waka reo researchers to undertake reo studies in masters and a doctorate degrees at Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi.

Photo credit for Ngāti Awa Te Toki 2014 Images: Kim Le’Bagge

Photo of class credit: Students of Te Whare Wānanga o Awanuiārangi

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