The highly aniticipated debut EP from Jahmoko. New Zealand & Australian Roots Reggae at it’s Finest!  Jahmoko is a newly formed Reggae band, founded and formed in Perth, Western Australia.

A 6 piece band composed of local and international musicians with the majority originating from Aotearoa, New Zealand.  Despite having only formed, Jahmoko is already turning ears and has loyal followings expanding daily. Just when you thought you heard it all along comes Jahmoko with the power and vitality to steer reggae in a new direction.

Each member has outstanding music credentials and together they have decades of experience in the music industry. They gather their musical inspirations from an array of diverse genres including Reggae, RnB, Rock, Hip Hop etc and infuse these influences in their own original way creating the unique sound of Jahmoko.

The Jahmoko LIVE experience is an unforgettable occasion, their presence and performance is so tight so real and so inspirational with songs to entertain, educate and enlighten all types of people. In just a few short weeks Jahmoko has unleashed samples of their originals and have became popular very quickly.