Hone Kouka’s show Tu is set during World War I, World War II (particularly the Maori Battalion in Italy) and Vietnam and is about the war’s impact on romance, love and whanau life.

Adapted from the Patricia Grace novel, it shows the insidious effects of war on four generations. Writer and director Hone Kouka plunges immediately into melodrama with a red-lit haka targeted at our protagonist Tuhoe, called Tu for short, like Tumatauenga, the Maori god of war.

But 30 years after he fought in World War II, Tu is no godly figure (although he is surprisingly youthful, as played by Tammy Davis); he’s a tragic, broken man.

With fewer war scenes than its source material, Tu is a family saga covering a colossal number of plot points and characters, with little conceptual framing.
The show will be on 27th July at the Q Theatre, Queen Street.