A clever new app for iPads that aims to help primary school-aged children with maths drills.  They have been working with their local Primary School, Vauxhall, in Devonport, and have had help from various other agencies, including the University of Auckland.

The app is available for free during Maori Language Week (for New Zealanders and Australians), the Math Machine will help kids with their basic numeracy – and give them the option to brush up on their Te Reo while they’re at it.

This is functionality cleverly cloaked in fun.  Because it’s an iPad app, the Math Machine feels like a couch activity from the start.  Add a system that teaches the building blocks of maths in a way that feels like you’re playing Space Invaders, and you have the kind of homework kids will do anything to avoid finishing.

Currently only available for the iPad and in English and Maori, the Gingerbread Kids series will soon be extended out to other digital platforms – and to Spanish and Mandarin. “I’m excited about being at the cusp of change in how we deliver education,” says Helen.